About Us

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We've been building web sites since 1994 and we enjoy it more with every passing year.  Our team delivers innovative, competitively priced services to small and medium sized businesses with an emphasis on startups and small businesses from our contact centres in the East Midlands and London.

Our technology powered the first multi-vendor electronic commerce system launched in the UK (back in 1997) and we have continued to provide low cost services to a mass market whilst maintaining our personal touch ever since.  Whether you need a web site, a blog, an online shop, search engine optimisation, a more supportive hosting provider or business email we can help. 

Why Busybird?

Since 1994 we have built sites for thousands of customers and we have striven to never write the same code twice; our library contains millions of lines of code and this allows us to build sites quickly which translates into higher quality (through the use of proven code) and lower costs for our clients.  We have a policy of developing affordable projects and for ensuring that we deliver high levels of expertise to businesses of all sizes.

We deliver services across the UK and Europe to companies who trust us to develop and manage their web sites, host their email accounts, and optimise their sites for the biggest search engines.  Wherever possible we source the products and services we buy locally.

We also take pride in being different. Very different.

Explore our site, read our Core Values and find out why our approach to doing business with us is unlike dealing with any company in our industry.