Our Core Values

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When I began planning my business in late 1992 – over twenty years ago! - I wanted to endow it with certain important values in which I could believe and to which I would adhere in all of my business activities. Over the last twenty years, these Core Values have been updated - just a little - to reflect changed emphases in industry and business methods, but the Busybird team continue to recognise their importance to me.  These values are the powerful beating heart of the Busybird business: they are more important to us than our buildings, our computers or our software: they continue to drive every decision we make; and they serve to let everyone with whom we deal, how we will interact with them; and they determine relationships within my team.

nick bird signature Nick J Bird

Founder & CEO

  • Equality

    We do not discriminate in any way and are tolerant of diverse and conflicting views. We base our actions on the principles of inclusion, empathy and dignity striving for diversity based on the worth of individuals.

  • Fairness

    Our profits are fairly earned and are derived from the value we deliver to our clients, never from a perception of what a local market will bear. Making a fair profit which allows us to develop our business and grow at a sustainable and manageable rate is important to us and to our clients.

  • Freedom

    Every action we undertake is guided by a recognition of the personal freedoms of everyone involved. We support the right of free speech and we encourage freedom of thought, creativity, innovation and of the personal vision of individuals within our business so that together we may achieve excellence.

  • Friendship

    Friends support and encourage each other: by treating everyone we work with and in whatever capacity as friends, we ensure that we are fair and equitable in our dealings with all. In the event of a disagreement we understand that friends may argue from time to time but that’s just life. We resolve conflict through understanding, listening and compromise. Life is too short for any disagreement to survive for long.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is a policy which pervades every aspect of our business life: we seek to deal honestly and fairly with everyone. We enter each new relationship in a policy of openness and honesty which lays the foundations for friendship and mutual respect: problems are best tackled head on by being courteous, open, forthright in expression and transparent in motive..

  • Individuality

    Everyone who comes into contact with Ladybird is important to us. We recognize the unique skills of each individual and we strive to learn from each other's creativity and talents to become richer individuals. In our dealings with everyone we support each other’s efforts, encourage loyalty to one another, and we care for each other as individuals on both a personal and professional basis.

  • Innovation

    We deliver innovative and practical solutions to meet all the needs of our clients: we will always focus on the simpler, more robust and more cost effective route. We will never recommend an untested “cutting edge” solution when a “tried and tested” methodology works! That said, we are keen advocates for the early adoption of proven innovative technologies and development techniques; we constantly monitor emerging trends and our decades of experience ensure a striking breadth of vision, enabling us to anticipate and then meet client needs far into the future.

  • Integrity

    We take full responsibility for all of our actions and their consequences. We do so in a way which is based on our strong sense of ethics and of shared community values. Integrity is being passionate about how we do what we do and how we deliver what we believe in.

  • Quality

    We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to delivering the highest quality services by subjecting all of our processes to regular scrutiny. We extend our business into those areas where we are confident of our ability to maintain the highest levels of quality and value and we can deliver to our clients a clear ‘value for money’ competitive advantage.

  • Skill

    We encourage all of the members of our teams to continuously develop their personal, professional and technical skills. We support them with all of the resources at our disposal; we mentor the development of their skills and we broaden their experience. Above all we encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship, an environment which nurtures initiative taking at all levels of our business, thus enabling us to find our leaders for tomorrow.