Electronic Commerce

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Selling online need not be complicated or difficult. We built the first multi-vendor e-commerce solution back in the mid 1990's and we can still develop powerful, bespoke solutions. However, for most of our small business clients a custom solution is neither needed nor affordable in some cases. We can provide simple solutions from our e-Commerce Starter Edition through to the leading open source systems; click a heading to find out more.

  • e-Commerce Starter Edition

    For clients who sell one product (with different options if necessary) our e-Commerce Starter Edition is an ideal solution. Integrated with PayPal (so that customers can pay with PayPal or a payment card such as Visa Debit) this package contains all of the elements of our Foundation Starter Edition and is priced at a level all small businesses can afford.

  • Open Source Solutions

    We are enthusiastic supporters of Open Source as the software is generally of high quality and, to all intents and purposes, free of charge. We can install and host any Open Source e-commerce solutions and generally recommend nopCommerce to our clients. e-Commerce is an optional extra for our Foundation Professional Edition or can be installed on a standalone basis and is included in our Foundation Business Edition). To view live examples of these systems please visit www.busybirdportfolio.co.uk.

  • Bespoke Development

    For clients with more demanding specifications and a tighter focus on branding we offer a bespoke solution which involves our "Bluebird Developments" Team writing an e-commerce application from the ground up based on the client requirements. Whilst clearly more expensive than an off the shelf solution this approach works well for clients who need total control over the functionality and look and feel of their online shop. Please contact us for more information and visit www.athenamirrors.co.uk for a bespoke e-commerce application developed by our Bluebird Developments Division.