Social Media

social media services for small businesses

Social Media is becoming an increasingly powerful and engaging platform with which to market and promote small businesses. From Facebook to Twitter, from blogs to forums, we have experts available to help our small business clients make the most of this unique set of marketing channels and a range of services designed to support our clients. No development company like ours can handle every aspect of your social media marketing and we have strategic partnerships with leading marketing companies who can work with us and you to make the most of your social media presence.

  • Account Setup

    We offer a Social Media Setup service and can create new Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for our clients to make sure that they have the correct type of account and (by working with our Strategic Partners) the correct brand identity where required.

  • Blogs and Social Media Aggregators

    We can install and host all of the major blogging platforms and push content from the database to social media aggregators which then push the content into Facebook, Twitter, and other networks. This means that a small business clients needs only to update their blog regularly and their news will be syndicated around the web providing additional exposure.