Website Hosting

website hosting services

We have an incredibly powerful network which reliably and safely delivers millions of page views a year for our clients. Unlike some other companies who rent their entire systems (including software) we rent dedicated servers and install our own software to ensure that we are not limited by our upstream service providers. This gives us fantastic levels of control and the ability to manage every aspect of our operations including the ability to install any software we need at a moments notice. Whilst we develop websites we know that some companies may want to have their work carried out elsewhere (or inhouse) and need a reliable and resilient host who they can work with to deploy their sites.

Here are some reasons why clients choose Busybird:

  • We operate servers based on different versions of Windows Server 2008 to suit client needs
  • We run Microsoft SQL Server 2008 RC2 which hosting clients can utilise
  • We do not limit bandwidth, database size, or hard disk capacity
  • We own and operate our own mail servers
  • Solutions can be hosted on our own network or we can source, provision, and manage dedicated or cloud based servers on behalf of our clients
  • We have thousands of .NET components running on our network, most of which can be used by clients
  • We have varying degrees of resilience to suit all requirements from "not important" to "absolutely mission critical"
  • We provide automated log reports and have live log reports available if required
  • We NEVER use premium rate telephone numbers.