components and source code for .net development

We do not believe that writing the same code twice is an effective use of our time or the money clients spend with us. By purchasing component libraries and ensuring that every line of code and function can be used in other projects we have built a platform of plug and play modules that deliver great features without spending hours coding. Our development motto is "write once, run everywhere".

We have no problem with buying in components to save us hours of development time and we license these for use on multiple web sites so that even the smallest businesses can benefit from our investment in world leading interface and productivity components. A few examples include:

  • The full suite of Microsoft Ajax Control Toolkit extenders including all of the .net versions from 2 onwards.
  • Ajax Uploader - this set of components allows clients to upload multiple photographs at the same time and provides status indicators and high performance. Images can be stored in the file system or one of our high performance databases.
  • HTML Editor - this cutting edge editor gives our clients a word processor in their browser for editing and managing their own content when required. It even includes an image editor.
  • Membership Manager - for sites with a requirement to give limited or member only access this component provides total control of their membership database.
  • PDF Converter - this  component converts any document to Adobe PDF format and is used to generate vouchers and reports which can be sent by email or downloaded via a secure web interface.
  • File Importers - we have an extensive range of importers capable of extracting data and delivering it to our database systems quickly and efficiently.
  • Interface Controls - we use the oBout libraries to deliver engaging and intuitive user controls for use on websites.
  • Email Libraries - a sophisticated set of components which can read bounced emails and send branded HTML email messages.
  • Obout Control Libraries - cutting edge interface controls designed to offer cross browser compatibility. The library also includes incredibly powerful grid and data management tools that make building reporting systems a breeze.

We have thousands of components in our library and millions of lines of code to ensure that we practise Rapid Application Development and pass on savings wherever we can. Clients using our hosting services can use most of the components in their own projects - please contact us for more information.