SQL Server

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Most businesses have some requirement for data storage and most modern web sites need somewhere to store information.

We host our own Microsoft SQL Server 2008 installations which can handle an almost infinite amount of data. Our programmers are very skilled in all areas of database design and programming and our highly automated tools allow us to produce work very quickly in ways which are robust, secure, and which deliver results to the browser quickly. In 2011 we built an administration system for a tyre company using their existing data in less than half an hour; of course, we only charged them for the work we did!

We can handle data in a wide range of formats and, if you have data you need to add to a new web site, we can import it from almost any source. Some major web applications rely on us for the storage of huge amounts of critical data and the clients know their data is in safe hands with Busybird.

When displaying data we can also use some of the very advanced interface tools at our disposal from our component library.